7 Tips to Smooth the Application Process for Candidates

Sep 24, 2023

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Imagine the frustration of spending hours crafting a meticulously detailed resume and cover letter, only to face a labyrinthine application process that requires rewriting the same information repeatedly.

We have all been job seekers, and we can all empathize with the frustration of repeatedly applying for positions in the recruitment process.

A well-optimized and efficient process not only saves time for both recruiters and candidates but also enhances the employer brand and increases the chances of securing the best candidates. 

An Effective Application Journey should be easy, streamlined, and informative.

This article will explore 7 tips that might help you.

Let’s start!

1 - Simplify the Application Form

One of the most common frustrations for candidates is encountering overly complex and time-consuming application forms. Simplify the form by asking only the required information upfront. 

Ask yourself, “Is the question necessary at this time?”

Avoid requesting redundant details that can be gathered from the CV or later in the hiring process, such as references or entire work history.

2 - Enable Resume Parsing

Implement resume parsing technology to extract and organize candidate information automatically. This feature saves candidates from manually entering their details from their resumes and reduces the chances that many of them will abandon an application before they submit it.

Resume parsing not only reduces candidate effort but also minimizes the chances of errors that can occur during manual data entry.

3 - Optimize the Online Application Platform

Ensure your online application platform is user-friendly and mobile-responsive. Consider the following questions to assess the user-friendliness of your application process:

Is uploading documents simple? Ensure easy document upload from mobile devices.

Is there a progress bar? Implement a progress bar to help candidates track their application completion and enhance their sense of progress.

How long does it take to apply? Streamline the process by minimizing the required steps to prevent candidate abandonment.

Can applicants save their progress? Enable candidates to save and resume their applications later.

Can candidates apply without creating an account? Provide the option for candidates to complete the application without mandatory account creation. Nobody likes creating an account for a single application process!

4 - Set Clear Expectations

Candidates want to know what to expect from day one. The first step to ensuring a great candidate experience is to be transparent from the beginning. Communicate the steps involved, such as initial screening, interviews, assessments, and other relevant stages. Include approximate timelines for each step, so candidates know what to expect and can plan accordingly. 

To give you an idea, check the How We Hire section from the Google Careers page.

5 - Send a Confirmation Email

Timely communication is essential. Acknowledge each application promptly and send responses to candidates, from the moment we receive the application to the rejection or final offer. 

Here is a template for a confirmation email 👇

“Hi [name],

It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to apply for [job position]. 

We’ve received your application, and one of our team members will review it, and we’ll be in touch with you within the next [...days].

In the meantime, here are some resources to learn more about [company’s name] 

“Insert links”

Thank you for your interest!

All the best, 

P&C Team”

6 - Streamline the Interview Process

Conducting initial video interviews or phone screens can save time, allowing for efficient candidate screening, especially when you are in a scale-up phase or handling different job openings. 

7 - Continuously Optimize the Process

Regularly review your application process to identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement. Test out the process yourself!

Seek feedback from candidates about their experience to gain valuable insights into how to enhance the process. How? At the end of the application, you can have your automatic communication, such as a survey that thanks the candidates and asks about the application process, if they enjoyed it, or if they had any problems.

Also, use applicant tracking system (ATS) analytics to monitor KPIs such as Application abandonment, Time to fill i.e., length of time from application to offer, Recruiter response times, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).


How easy is it for candidates to apply for your job roles? If you ask too many questions, lack mobile application capabilities, or impose restrictions on document formats, it’s a sign that your application process may be causing friction.

Implementing these seven tips could make a difference in enhancing the candidate experience and saving time and resources.

These strategies make it easier for candidates to apply, contribute to a positive employer brand image, and increase the chances of attracting the best candidates for your company.

Do you have any other tips to smooth the application process? Feel free to share them with me on LinkedIn. #sharingiscaring

Your Friendly TA Ivana


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If you enjoyed this article feel free to share across your network and add your thoughts about it.

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